Organization and Access to Information

Thematic vector data and reference data, satellite images, maps, spatialized census data and technical documents are available at GEOPORTAL SEPLAN. This information was generated from various activities and projects developed by the Public Authorities. They can be accessed by a interactive maps and also by a GeoCatalogue.

Multidisciplinary data is available on the interactive map server, which has been processed and systematized in accordance with current cartographic standards, and can be accessed, viewed and analyzed interactively. For handling information, GEOPORTAL SEPLAN provides a user manual, accessible through the 'manual' tab. manual.

The GeoCatalogue is a catalog with geographic and non-spatial information available for download in various formats that uses a technological tool based on 'web services'; It allows the user, through a set of functionalities, to consult the information and its metadata - technical data of the information.

Access for consultation and downloading in the Public Area is free for any user, registered or not. The Restricted Area will only be accessed by registered users, who will be able to consult technical information of restricted availability, depending on its technical or documentary nature.

The geospatial information of GEOPORTAL SEPLAN was structured in databases, organized by technical inputs, projects and spatial clippings. Currently, they are composed of the public projects 'Imagens por satélite', 'Estatística', 'Base Digital Contínua', 'Base Referencia Sudeste Tocantins', 'Base Referencia Palmas', 'Base Temática do Estado do Tocantins', 'Base Temática Norte Tocantins', 'Base Temática Sudeste Tocantins', 'Base Temática Palmas', and 'Zoneamento Ecológico-Econômico'.

In the 'Imagens por satélite' project, mosaics of satellite images from different periods with total and partial spatial clipping are available for the state of Tocantins. The 'Estatística' project includes temporal information on economic, productive, demographic and social aspects; Among the various data series, gross domestic product, agricultural production, herds, population, health and education are listed.

The 'Base Digital Contínua' project contains systematic cartographic data, as well as thematic reference information with spatial clipping for Tocantins. The systematic cartographic data refers to the information from the official topographic maps made by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics and the Geographic Service Directorate of the Brazilian Army, vectorized and systematized according to specific regulations. The thematic reference information refers to information about territorial limits, areas of restricted legal use and transportation and energy systems.

The public projects 'Base Referencia Sudeste Tocantins' and 'Base Referencia Palmas' contain systematic cartographic data and thematic reference information with specific spatial scope.

The projects 'Base Temática do Estado do Tocantins', 'Base Temática Norte Tocantins', 'Base Temática Sudeste Tocantins', 'Base Temática Palmas' have different territorial clippings. They include thematic information about physical and environmental aspects of Tocantins, generated through socio-environmental diagnostics, environmental/agroecological zoning and territorial management plans.

The 'Zoneamento Ecológico-Econômico' project includes information generated in the activity with the same name. It has a statewide scope.