The GeoPortal of the Secretary of Finance and Planning – GEOPORTAL SEPLAN is a digital platform for organizing and sharing geographic information and spatial data produced by the Institution, with emphasis on information systematized by the State Planning sector.

Through GEOPORTAL SEPLAN, the user has access to a series of geospatial information and technical inputs prepared for technical and institutional purposes, which describe various geographical and socioeconomic aspects of Tocantins.

Through this technological structure, it is possible to consult and access an interactive map server on which multidisciplinary data is represented, enabling the integration of georeferenced information represented by thematic and systematic databases, maps, satellite images, and census data.

The interactive map viewer allows the choice of thematic information to be viewed together, the geographic scale of view, the identification of attributes of a specefic location or region. It allows access to metadata, with technical information about each cartographic base made available. It also performs information plan crossing operations, distance measurement, location, feature selection, information copying (downloads), simplified map making, among other operations.

Statistical and socioeconomic information is available in the form of maps with municipal coverage. Its features include tools that integrate the capabilities of geoportals with control panels that allow the visualization and download of different types of graphs (bars, circles and lines) and spreadsheets.

The system's architecture was developed using free software. Interoperability, metadata, and geospatial data difussion standards were used in accordance with the National Cartographic Policy and the Geospatial Metadata Profile of Brazil. The structure consists of a catalog geospatial and non-spatial data, such as technical reports and analog maps, linked to an interactive geoportal, metadata management system, services and applications.

With the implementation of information technologies to facilitate the dissemination and public access of geospatial data, the objective is to subsidize the planning of spatial planning and management, the formulation and evaluation of public policies in the State, the definition and implementation of private investments, as well as meeting demands for knowledge of geographical and socioeconomic aspects of Tocantins.

In parallel, GEOPORTAL SEPLAN should be a strategic instrument for attending the legal norms for territorial and environmental management, technological infrastructure, cartographic production and diffusion, and information management. In legal terms, this technological structure instrumentalizes the Policy of Environmental Management (Federal Decree nº 4.297/2002), especially in regard to the public dissemination of information generated through the Ecological-Economic Zoning instrument; the National Cartographic Legislation (Federal Decree nº 6.666/2008), which institutes the National Data Infrastructure Space - NDIS, and other measures, the Cartographic System of the State of Tocantins (State Decree nº 5.459/2016), destined for standardizing the activities of coordination, production, dissemination and use of georeferenced information; and the Access Legislation to theInformation (Federal Law nº 12.527/2011), which regulates the constitutional right of access to public information.