The system has as purpose to provide vector and raster (satellite images) geospatial bases files, and thematic maps in pdf format for consultation, copying (downloading) and printing. The software allows the visualization of data in a distributed way, and in several projection and coordinate systems, with conversion to visualization on runtime.The software allows interactive visualization in a WebGIS environment of cartographic and thematic bases and also perform operations of crossing information planes, spatial analysis of vectors, measurement of distances, location , feature selection, downloads and uploads, among other operations..

The system architecture is based on the classic three-tier model: web client, application server and database server. At the web client layer, users will find applications that allow them to interact with geographic information, corresponding to the visible SDI face, represented by the Geoportal or map viewers. In the application server layer, Geoserver is used as a map server, which allows offering data through the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard protocols for map generation, Web Map Services (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS), Web Feature Service (WFS) or Web Coverage Service (WCS). Finally, at the data layer, data is centralized in the PostgreSQL database management system with space extension PostGIS. Free software was chosen, based on the gvSIG Online platform, for the implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures, which integrates components such as the map server GeoServer, the WebGIS OpenLayers client and the PostgrSQL/PostGIS spatial database..

The system is adaptable to any type of computer or mobile device connected to the internet and compatible with the most modern versions of browsers for operating systems on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. For the metadata structuring, GeoNetwork was used, sharing reliable information about the source data. In the registration, geospatial and statistical data were uploaded and stored in database using free software gvSIG Desktop, with public license GNU/GPL .